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Real Update, Real Talk

And so it is.

Re-reading my past entries, the high school angst, the college struggles, it is so far away yet so close.

My skinny self in high school hated everything about herself. Seriously. After college, I went off birth control leading up to getting married. I put on more weight than I ever had on me before. I was diagnosed with PCOS - something 1 in 10 women suffer from yet only 15% of women know what it is. The struggle to get the weight off now isn't only for vanity's sake, it is for my health and my life.

Those insecurities still plague me. I hate to say that my husband still struggles with the fact that I don't take a compliment.

And if you were wondering, I married my high school boyfriend after all :) 10 years, we are married now for 2. So suck on that!

I graduated from St. Joe's, went to Paris on my honeymoon and am working as a Crisis Counselor for the Survivors of Hurricane Sandy -> the grant will end and I will focus on growing my business. Yes, I started my own business. I co-own an event planning company here on Long Island.

Life is interesting nonetheless.

I started work on the book. My brother was diagnosed with Schizophrenia in 2010. It has been a long and troubling few years. Currently his court ordered meds are serving him well. Only time will tell how things will turn out.

Expect me some more on here. It is like coming home again!

Three Years



It has been a long time.

I started this journal in 2006. At the age of 17. I had livejournal since I was 14.

I am now 24.

Stil blogging. You can find me at twentysomethingstephanie.blogspot.com

Twitter @StephanieTypes

Instagram @StephanieSnaps

My life is so different.

Music Blog

So I have started a music Blog. I post daily mixes and reviews as well as weekly vs. and monthly music spotlights.

so if you are looking for new mixes and have an open mind to music, check out my page and enjoy!


www.lost.eu/3300e (not a virus, a student project internet game )

oh golly gee, I wish I had pictures to post here but I don't since my friends have not sent me any! urgh

so I have decided that I might just save the 300 dollared between me and steev and drive to prom, if jackie and lauren don't want to go with me anymore that is, who knows.

I do not feel well at all. I would post pictures of me and the boy but I already did on facebook and now I am lazy. I'll post them when I get the pictures of my sleepover.

I am so hungry but everything I eat tastes bad and there is nothing to eat in this house anyway

if anyone wants to send me food, that would be wonderful

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